Night Thoughts.


I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts are swimming deeper through the night. I just wanna share to you a bit about what I’ve been thinking of.


Sometimes, drifting away from God is a slow fade. That’s why most fails to notice it.

It’s like a poison.  You compromise a little here and there then soon you realize you’ve drowned yourself with “fun” because it really was fun. It was fun that wasn’t bad but then fun turned out to be what you thirst for, you compromise more, it makes you take two, three, four steps away from God little by little without perceiving it at all. Then fun becomes more fun.
“There’s nothing wrong with fun!we tell ourselves but then fun takes us distances away from God and then suddenly,

fun hurts.

It hurts a lot.

Because fun is nothing compared to joy. Fun can take us momentarily to glorious heights, it entertains us like we matter, it treats us like how we want to be treated but with God, we’ve known joy and joy is lasting, beautiful and genuine. Joy may cause us to be neglected and rejected by the world telling us we’re such a bore but nothing can compare to how sweet it is to be there.

Taking steps towards God is such a hard thing to do. It’s hard because it demands humility and humility hurts because it touches our pride.

We’ve been proud too long, thinking we can be fine without God, maybe it’s time to crush our pride, take a good look. God is still holding out His hand for you, for me too.



First Dance

Ladies, cheer up.
Have you ever heard of that popular saying on how God is still writing your love story?
Well, He is.
Don’t rush on meeting “the one” (Hearts on background added haha)

Seriously, he will come around or maybe, he’s already around. You wouldn’t want him seeing you looking tensely from left to right as if you were waiting on someone else right?

Yes, waiting is tough like boiling-hot-lava kind of tough. I have had that same feeling of thrill, of anticipation and fear of “what ifs”.

What if he’s not gonna like me?
What if he’s already with someone else?
What if he doesn’t exist?
What if I’m never, ever going to marry at all?

Whoa, whoa! Stop your horses ladies!
Too much of an imagination you got there!

Listen, if he’s for you, he’s for you. Period.

Right now, Jesus is calling you to himself.
He desires to walk with you, to know you, to touch your heart.

In every girl’s life is a first dance and that very first dance is important.
There she learns to take graceful steps, making beautiful twists and turns, knowing the perfect timing to fall on her partner’s arms.
She learns to listen to the beat, dance along with every rhythm, allowing every note to swing her in a beautiful song.
She would know how important it is to submit to the gentleman’s leading and at the same time understand that she too has a role to play in this dance.

However, that first dance is kind of a critical thing.
You have to be careful in deciding who you want to dance with.
Choosing the wrong partner will lead you to the wrong dance.

So who is the right partner?


He is the perfect partner.
He is the perfect first dance.

This is what Jesus wants.
You dancing with Him, trusting in His leading and falling in love with Him that you may know how love must be and what it really means.

One more thing.

Only He can decide the right time to let you dance with someone else.

He doesn’t want you dancing with the wrong man.

He wants you to dance with someone who has a heart after His and you have to understand that until that man comes along, He’s not letting any other man (even if that man is cute and handsome) cut-in with His dance with you.

To Him, you are special. Therefore, He will only give your hand to someone who would look at you and see your worth. Someone who would ask Jesus for your hand before he asks you for it. He would be someone who would rather see you love Jesus more than you could ever love him and someone whose eyes you can stare into and see his love and devotion for Christ.

Right now, dance with Jesus and love every moment with Him, fall deeply and madly in love with Him.

Don’t worry. When He lets the right man cut-in, He will still be dancing with you guys. He will be your and your future husband’s dance teacher and even so much more than that, He will be your God. He will keep both of you close to His heart as you keep Him close to yours.

So ladies, wait. He still has so much steps to teach you, so much you still need to learn. In your waiting, may you find Christ and find Him more than enough, satisfying and heart-filling.



No, I’m not talking about your neighbor’s wife or that forensic from the game Criminal Case in Facebook.

No. Grace is a beautiful word.

It is alive, true, existing and humbling.

Grace has always been defined as “the unmerited favor” or something that no one deserves.

Some believes grace is beautiful only on the day you’ve been forgiven, or on that moment when you’ve realized the depravity of your sin, or even the time when you so clearly understood the frailty of who you are and how much God still chose to die for you.

That, for most, is the “BEAUTIFUL GRACE”.

But isn’t it true when I say that you still sin? Would it be wrong for me to say that even though you’re already a Christian you still sin?


Being a Christian doesn’t make you perfect. We all still fall short, stumble, and turn away. Therefore, grace has always been given and provided for to us by God even up to this very second that you are reading this.

Therefore, like the first moment you’ve realized your sin, your wrongs, your shame and your frailty, stand in awe of the grace He has given you.

Never grow familiar of grace because it is new in your every wake and even up until you close your eyes.

The devil will always try to distract you, make you believe that each moment is dull or even “ordinary” but know fully that it is not.

It is not because every move you make is painted in exquisite colors of grace. The way you breathe: inhaling and exhaling or even how your eyes follows every letter of every word in this article is an intricate work of art by the Creator of the Universe! The fact that He has given a time to pay attention to you is grace enough because you and I know full well that we don’t deserve His attention, let alone His time. BUT HE GIVES IT ANYWAY. It has nothing to do with who we are but it surely has everything to do with who He is.

Grace is everywhere.

Grace fills up the whole story of your life.

Appreciate it,

Notice it,

Above all,