Night Thoughts.


I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts are swimming deeper through the night. I just wanna share to you a bit about what I’ve been thinking of.


Sometimes, drifting away from God is a slow fade. That’s why most fails to notice it.

It’s like a poison.  You compromise a little here and there then soon you realize you’ve drowned yourself with “fun” because it really was fun. It was fun that wasn’t bad but then fun turned out to be what you thirst for, you compromise more, it makes you take two, three, four steps away from God little by little without perceiving it at all. Then fun becomes more fun.
“There’s nothing wrong with fun!we tell ourselves but then fun takes us distances away from God and then suddenly,

fun hurts.

It hurts a lot.

Because fun is nothing compared to joy. Fun can take us momentarily to glorious heights, it entertains us like we matter, it treats us like how we want to be treated but with God, we’ve known joy and joy is lasting, beautiful and genuine. Joy may cause us to be neglected and rejected by the world telling us we’re such a bore but nothing can compare to how sweet it is to be there.

Taking steps towards God is such a hard thing to do. It’s hard because it demands humility and humility hurts because it touches our pride.

We’ve been proud too long, thinking we can be fine without God, maybe it’s time to crush our pride, take a good look. God is still holding out His hand for you, for me too.



2 thoughts on “Night Thoughts.

  1. Fun can be evil too right because doesn’t Pleasure come under fun. I’m sorry if I sound confused but this bog post is interesting.


    1. Hello Tina 🙂
      Thank you for asking although I’m quite confused with your question.
      Umm yes. Fun can be evil too. It’s evil when it takes God’s place or God’s throne in your heart. 🙂
      Feel free to ask questions if it still confuses you. 🙂

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