It was You

The skies that day was too clear with fascinating shades of blue and white, puffy clouds.
And oh how the ocean captivated me with its dark, blue waters and dancing waves ever alluring the attention of the crowd.
On the night of that same day, I lay on the cold, fine sand and I saw the stars.
They shone so brightly, standing out in the darkness of the sky.
The next day, I woke up, got out of the tent and did a little stretch only to find myself completely dazed at the resplendent sunrise.
And yet, it was not any of these that left me in awe.

Oh Lord, it was You.

It is You because You’re the beautiful One.
You’re the One to whom our eyes should take too long to stare.
The skies, the ocean, the stars, the sunrise and the rest of Your creations will never be enough to reflect the amplitude of Your beauty.
But for now, may we praise You for the grace that made us take a glimpse of You by merely seeing the glorious works of Your hands.

Oh how we long for that day when You come oh Lord.
Oh come, Our King.


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