Out of the Blue

So it was supposed to be another tiring start of duty kind of day for a student-nurse like me. Like any other duty-days, I dropped by the pharmacy to buy sterile gloves. I was still a little bit groggy and my mind is at point blank. I hit myself by the racks and gosh did I look so clumsy.

I was wearing my white hospital-duty uniform with my name plate on. It had my name, school and expected graduation year engraved on it.

While ordering the gloves over the counter, a guy suddenly asked me about this particular clinical instructor from my school. I was taken aback. Do I even know this guy? Probably not. So I asked him if he ever was a nursing student from my school and surprisingly, he was. He was 4 years ahead of me so by the time I got into that college, he already graduated. He’s currently a medical student. Yes guys, he aims to be a doctor someday and then out of the blue, after a 20-second silence between us he told me:

“Pag-Med oyy.”

In English, dear friends, that sentence meant:

“Go take up Medicine.”

What? What’s this guy saying out of the blue? Me? Medicine? I can hardly pass this nursing course. I’m surprised he even said that.

You see, it was only two days ago when I asked God if I should take up medicine at all. So whatever this random person told me had become really significant to me. I don’t even know his name. Errrr, I forgot to ask him. My bad.

So really, I was wondering if this was God answering my prayer or was it just coincidental?

What do you guys think?


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