Medical Missions

It was on the 17th of November 2015 that I wrote this thought with ink and on paper.

I got so tired of Nursing, of my life as a whole. My faith was running out of gas. I saw no value nor purpose in it. In fact, I begged God to take me home. I no longer wanted another day.

One day, my mama asked me to assist her in taking pictures in a Medical Mission trip.
Downcast as I was, I didn’t have the heart to go but at the same time, something in me tells me that I needed to go and on I went.

On our way to the mission field, I asked God,

“Lord, hanung imo man jud kong paadtuon? Wa ko kasabot Lord.”

English Translation: “Lord, why are you leading me there? I don’t understand.”

Then, Medical Missions started and God has given me the grace and the chance to use my profession of choice into practice, NURSING.

Serving God filled me with so much joy, I would fail to explain it.

As the day came to a close and the Medical Mission in that particular place was over, I prayed and asked God again.

“Lord, unsa man jud imong purpose atu?”

English Translation: “Lord, please tell me what your purpose for all that.”

Then, He answered me saying,

“To remind you why you’re there in the first place.”

Boom! Fireworks! Loud gong! Bang, bang, bang!

Everything is starting to fall into place. It seems that I gave up on life because I was not living THE LIFE. I started to live for the purpose of MYSELF. Study hard, aim for good grades, what to eat, what to wear, friends but life is God and if life is God then “SELF” has no place in it.

Sadly, this is how life has been for the majority and I hate to break it to you but you’re living a life made by the standards created by people.
Born to go to school, get a diploma, graduate in flying colors, travel the world, settle down, build a family and die only to realize you have never lived at all.

I am not saying that living that kind of life is wrong. It is not wrong to have goals and dreams in life as long as it will always go to and for the glory of God. Such life becomes wrong when it takes you away from God’s plan and purpose for your life. If it pulls you further and further away from God and if it sucks all the time out of your schedules, if it becomes your sole and top priority life then it is wrong.

You see, life is for God and to live it for yourself would not be called LIVING but shall be called DYING.

Imagine a bird which was created to fly but then its fellow birds tells it that they were meant to swim and so the bird dives onto the depths of the water and enjoys it for a short while, only to find itself gasping for air, slowly dying and realizing too late that it was only and solely meant for flying. Its life would be so tragic.

Don’t let yours be.

Live as how God designed you to be: For Him and exclusively for Him alone.


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