I was browsing through my Facebook home and I know that this post was just like the other posts about “who knows me well” and all that. So this photo was one of it. Credits to the owner, by the way.


The next sentences are only me and my brain talking. I’m not trying to dart the person who posted this picture.

So, I was thinking. This generation is so concerned about themselves, about “me, myself and I”. Like, “Who knows me better” or “If you really know me, name my favorite cartoon character”. Those kind of self-centered posts. I have nothing against that, really. I mean, I’d love to know who cares enough to actually know me but then a thought comes into my mind:

How about the guard in your school’s front gate, or that annoying friend you just can’t stand? How about the woman you just shook your hand with at church?


What’s their story? Are they going through anything? Are they having problems at home, maybe you could help?

You see, there are far more important questions to ask about a person, not merely their favorite color or their choice of food in a mart.

You can’t say you’re a very good friend just because you know when their birthday would be. If you were ever a friend to someone, you would care enough to know their story. Stories that needs to be dug somewhere between that beautiful facade called smile or that well said statement, “I’m fine.”.

There’s more stories to make you feel happy and satisfied than knowing someone knows your age or who you are currently in love with.

There’s a whole world beyond you.


Trust me, it is so fulfilling to listen to someone, to understand them, to take the time of making them feel special.

You don’t have to do what I’m saying if it is against your will but make this as a suggestion or an opinion. You have the choice to either try it or go on in a world revolving around yourself.


AGAIN, I am not criticizing these kind of posts because I actually find it fun too. hahaha So, blame this messy brain I have.




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