Let me start of with a verse that is very familiar to most of us Christians: Jeremiah 17:9

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”

There are so many ways that the heart can deceive us but in this particular blog, I would like to focus on love. Yes, love. By that I mean the love that makes you giggle or the love that makes you think you might have ingested 20 living caterpillars considering the crazy feeling of butterflies flying about in your stomach.

I am not typing all of these down because I’m any better than any of you. Nope, not at all. I’m writing this down because like you, I am currently in a battle against my own heart. A very good friend of mine used to tell me that “We must be ruthless with our hearts.”

The heart, although it’s actually the hypothalamus and amygdala, is known to be the center of emotions. A symbol of love and affection. Surely, we all have heard of the famous quote: “Follow your heart”. Hmmm. Question, could we really trust our hearts?
The bible said that it is deceitful. Uh, I don’t know about you but I think this verse is pretty legit.

Two months ago, I was staring at point blank and there was this guy who went to that particular space. So, I ended up staring at him. Right then and there, God spoke to me saying:

“Nicole, if you were ever to fall in love with someone, may the love he gives you lead you to loving Me more and if someone was ever to fall in love with you, may the love you give him lead him to loving Me even more.”

Copy, loud and clear, Lord. Aye, aye Captain!



Girls (or guys, if there are guys out there), I have a question. Be honest. Do you like someone right now? If yes, are your feelings for them leading you to God or is it pulling you away from Him? We have to be careful. The bible did say in Matthew 22:36-40 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the person you like right now is the wrong person to love (although, that could also be the case). You could be loving the right person but the problem is you are loving them with the wrong heart. If you fail to love God first and foremost, then you are most probably not ready to love anyone just yet.

Loving God first and foremost is very important for every Christian. If you remember, I wrote something about how Jesus should be our first dance. It’s in that first dance that we get to feel what it’s like to be loved and to give love back. It’s in having a relationship with Jesus that we get to learn how love should be. Until Jesus sees that you are ready, He won’t let anyone cut in between the dance He has with you. You have to understand, He’s not only trying to make you wait for the right person, He is also trying to teach you and mold you into being God’s best for the one He has prepared for you.

(If you haven’t read FIRST DANCE, here’s the link: )



So what if you’re still single? So what if your friends are already getting married? So what if your neighbor already has a ring on their finger? Is it really that bad? Not at all! Singleness is the perfect time to spend time with God! Take it this way. You are single now because God is still sculpting off a few rough edges, He is still tinkering about your broken pieces, He is still molding you. You are still under construction. Like I said earlier, He is making sure that you would become God’s best for the one He has prepared for you. The construction may take a long time but building a foundation is a critical work. That is why He is so keen about every detail of you, He wouldn’t compromise a little crack.

Yes, you are single but you are not unloved. God loves you and that should be more than enough. A wrong relationship with God will give you a wrong heart and a wrong heart will lead you to the wrong relationship with others.



People, myself included, often rush into finding true love because we want to feel what it’s like to love and be loved back. They say it’s a wonderful feeling. Who wouldn’t want that? I don’t know about you but if someone asked who wants to be loved, I would probably be the first to raise a hand (I might even raise my other hand and my two feet along with it). I really, really, really want to fall in love and be loved back. But, I am loved. You are loved. We are loved. Jesus loves us so much to the point of the cross.

So although the anticipation of falling in love is intense, may our satisfaction with the love that Jesus have for us be more intense! We have to be satisfied with that love! As a matter of fact, it should overwhelm us! How could the glorious God come down on the low class Earth when He could’ve just stayed in Heaven where angels praise Him, where He could breathe Class A air, where His royal robes are, where there are streets of gold, so on and so forth? I mean, who was He coming for? He came for people such as you and me, people who might not even be satisfied with His love, people whom He knows would reject and deny Him along the way, that’s the kind of people He came for and yet did He fly back to Heaven? No! He took on death because He loves you and He desires to have a relationship with you. This is the kind of love that we should desire! Selfless and unconditional. This is the kind of love He teaches us to give. True love starts when we accept the greatest love of all, Jesus. On Him should our satisfaction and feeling of acceptance be.



Let us wait patiently on God. His timetable is perfectly timed. Your love story won’t be anything like the movies. It will be better than that. Your scriptwriter is not just any scriptwriter. He doesn’t err, He makes no mistake. Therefore wait. Don’t rush. Make the most out of your singleness.

Love should not be identified with our spouse-to-be. No. Love should be identified and specifically be inclined with Jesus Christ alone. The rest will follow. Love the Lord your God first that you may be able to love others.

Love is beautiful. Therefore, don’t let your heart deceive you into settling for anything less. Allow God to mold it and fill it with so much of His love. The heart is deceitful. Guard it above all else.