Magnolia’s Avocado Macchiato Review

Hey there! Before anything else, I want you to know that me and my sister ain’t vloggers. This video was just us being bored and we had a rather unique flavored icecream in the fridge so we decided to just make a video out of our first try of Magnolia’s Avocado Macchiato.

I’m blogging this too in case the video that we’ve made was just too confusing.

Ella, my sister, and I share something common: WE AIN’T FANS OF AVOCADO.

Yup, we don’t like avocado. We eat it if it’s available to us but we won’t ask our parents to buy it just because. However, we find Magnolia’s Avocado Macchiato (besides it being avocado) very tasty! Yes, it still is avocado. It doesn’t taste like strawberry or banana or apple. It tasted like avocado! The reason why we like it even though we’re not fans of avocado is because the macchiato that goes along with it blended really well with the avocado flavor. The first time I tasted it, I didn’t find it amusing or taste buds bursting kind of feeling but ironically, I found myself continually feeding myself the icecream (as you can see in the video).

If you ask me if I would recommend it, OF COURSE! IT IS A MUST TRY!

Really, when you find something really weird to the ears or something new to the ears at least, you must really try it even if it might turn out really bad because who knows? It might turn out really good too.

So here’s the link to the video. Help share!